new track: daybreak

It seems a bit odd to post a new track called “daybreak” in the middle of a sun-blanketing thunderstorm, but here we are! This is the slowly evolving ambient soundscape from my last sketch, but polished up in to a finished track. It’s not actually vastly different to the sketch (it still runs the same full length), but I’ve smoothed over some rough edges, and added a tiny sprinkling of extra interest; not too much, though, since I didn’t want to spoil that zen-like mood.

It’s obviously very different to the beat-driven video-game-esque tracks I’ve posted so far, but hopefully it’ll find some fans!

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 7 minutes 22 seconds

new track: clipper

Here’s that new track I was working on — it’s another synthy thing which turned out, not-entirely-deliberately, like something from an old-school arcade game soundtrack. Lots of Blofeld, and a bit of distortion. It came together more quickly than my last track, and I’m pretty happy with the results, especially since I didn’t feel the need to spend hours and hours tweaking EQs and compressor curves to get it to sound alright to my ears. Enjoy!

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 3 minutes 8 seconds