blag updates

Over the last few months I’ve been trying hard to add more detailed and interesting content to this site, beyond personal opinions and the usual ramblings; essentially, I’ve been trying to treat this whole blogging thing with a bit more professionalism, and I hope that comes through in my writing. With that in mind, I’ve been making some changes to the site itself as well. Most of the changes are minor, such as adding a “related posts” feature, and the “recent posts” box over on the right, but there’s another, more significant addition to that right panel: ads.

I’m just serving some Google ads, as you’d see on a lot of other sites — I hope they’re subtle enough not to be annoying, and I hope they’ll be relevant and interesting, but given the various niches this site inhabits, I’m not completely convinced of that yet. You can consider this a trial, since if they haven’t done a lot after a month or so of being on the site, I’ll likely ditch them. I’m also looking at Amazon’s affiliate program, which might be a better fit for me given how often I discuss audio hardware.

Ultimately, I write this content because I want to, not because I think it’ll make me rich. It’d be nice to make a few bucks here and there to help with hosting costs, but I don’t want to do it at the expense of my readership or my credibility. If anyone has any thoughts on what they do and don’t find acceptable, or any experience in working with either Google or Amazon, I’d love to hear it!