new track: tiny droplets

Two tracks in as many months? Madness! This is another ambient track, but without the drone — it has more of an early Aphex Twin vibe, but with some glitchy drums. I sequenced this in seq24, a pattern-based sequencer designed for live use, and in fact this was originally a “live” take, which I’ve edited and added to. Apart from that, it’s the usual suspects — Blofeld on the synth sounds and some drums, Hydrogen on the rest of the drums, recorded/mixed in Ardour.

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 4 minutes 26 seconds

new track: daybreak

It seems a bit odd to post a new track called “daybreak” in the middle of a sun-blanketing thunderstorm, but here we are! This is the slowly evolving ambient soundscape from my last sketch, but polished up in to a finished track. It’s not actually vastly different to the sketch (it still runs the same full length), but I’ve smoothed over some rough edges, and added a tiny sprinkling of extra interest; not too much, though, since I didn’t want to spoil that zen-like mood.

It’s obviously very different to the beat-driven video-game-esque tracks I’ve posted so far, but hopefully it’ll find some fans!

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 7 minutes 22 seconds

sketchbook: ambient exploration

After that Tunestorm bit I’ve been keen to try something different and experiment more with ambient sounds, and this sketch is definitely ambient! There’s no rhythm or melody — just a simple held chord, evolving over time. You won’t walk away humming it, but if you’re after something relaxing, it might fit the bill.

It’s essentially a seven-minute filter sweep, but there’s a tonne of little variations bubbling away inside that sound, so I gave it the time I thought it needed to explore the how the sound changes with every step of that filter. I had it running through my VM1 analogue delay pedal, too, so I turned some knobs on that for good measure as well.

mp3 | vorbis | 7:25