Here’s a list of the tracks I’ve created and uploaded — please feel free to download them and share them around. If you like what you hear, please feel free to leave a comment on the site, or drop me an email. You can also stream and download my music from my Bandcamp page, or my Soundcloud profile.

This page includes just my more substantial original tracks, but I do have a few other things on the blog: the Releases category includes a few extra tracks (mostly smaller tracks and covers), and the Sketchbook category includes “sketches”, ranging from sonic experiments to smaller tracks.

move along

Released: 30/04/11

mp3 | ogg | flac | 3 minutes 47 seconds

This is something quite different from my other tracks — a piano-driven song, complete with lyrics.

Equipment: Pianoteq for the piano sound, LinuxSampler with the Analogue Drums RockStock kit for drums, Fluidsynth with a free SoundFont for the bass, and my Rode NT1-A to record the vocals. Sequenced in Qtractor, recorded and mixed in Ardour 3, along with Rakarrack for an IR-based cab sim on the bass, and zita-at1 for some subtle pitch correction.

phase transition

Released: 16/07/10

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 5 minutes 4 seconds

Not sure how to categorise this one, really — I guess it’s a bit of an electro groove with some ambient elements.

Equipment: Blofeld for most of the sounds, including the drums, though I used PHASEX for the lead arpeggio sound, and PSIndustralizer for some of the hat sounds. Sequenced in both Seq24 and Hydrogen, and recorded and mixed in Ardour.

frozen summer

Released: 14/05/10

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 2 minutes 48 seconds

A breezy little track, recorded for the Open Source Musician Podcast’s “Tunestorm02” challenge, which involved creating a track using only sounds recorded around the home.

Equipment: Specimen for the instrument sounds (beer bottle, doorbell), Hydrogen for the drums (various glass and metal hits — the kit is available here). Sequenced in seq24, then recorded/mixed in Ardour.

tiny droplets

Released: 22/04/10

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 4 minutes 26 seconds

A rhythmic ambient track, with some nice glitchy drums.

Equipment: Blofeld for synth sounds and some of the drums, Hydrogen for the rest of the drums. Sequenced in seq24, then recorded/mixed in Ardour.


Released: 06/03/10

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 7 minutes 22 seconds

A departure from my preview tracks — this is an ambient soundscape, with a slowly building drone punctuated by the odd plink of percussion or the crunch of analogue delay feedback.

Equipment: Blofeld for synth sounds, Ardour for recording/mixing. Tonnes of effects; primarily my Behringer VM1 analogue delay


Released: 20/09/09

mp3 / vorbis / flac: 3 minutes 8 seconds

Another synthpop-ish track, again influenced by old game soundtracks, but with some more aggressive synth sounds and a bit of distortion.

Equipment: Blofeld for synth sounds, Hydrogen for drums, Qtractor for sequencing, Ardour for recording/mixing.


Released: 23/05/09

mp3 / vorbis / flac : 3 minutes 54 seconds

This is a bit of a synthpop-ish track — quite clean sounding, and a little reminiscent of the music from the early 90s Amiga games that I played growing up (like Turrican 2).

Equipment: the synth sounds are all Blofeld, drums were sequenced in Hydrogen, and the whole thing was recorded and mixed in Ardour using various effects (lots of Calf Vintage Delay, and Decimator on the drums). Final EQ/compression in JAMin.

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