About the site

Woo, tangent is my personal blog, where I discuss a broad range of topics that are of interest to me. The primary topics today are Linux and music production, but I also discuss video games, astronomy, photography, and general technology topics. I also post links to my music — short test pieces and works-in-progress, which I call sketches, as well as my completed tracks — and videos.

About me

My name is Leigh Dyer, and I’m a sysadmin, developer, and musician. I’ve been using Linux on servers and desktops since 1999. Among other things, I’ve written freelance articles about Linux for PC Authority and Atomic magazines. I’m currently working as an engineer at Bandcamp.

Before Linux, in my high school days, I used Amigas; it was on those that I really learned to code, and they were great machines for playing games and making music, too. Linux seemed like the best alternative when continuing on the Amiga became impractical, but at the time it meant largely abandoning music production and gaming.

I got back in to gaming, thanks to consoles, in 2002. Music took a little longer, but in 2009, I found that Linux had improved to the point where I felt comfortable using it for music production.