obligatory start of the year post

Before it gets too far in to January, I wanted to take a quick look back at last year. I had been planning to record an EP, along the lines of the track Texel that I released in late 2011, but instead, I took part in the RPM Challenge and recorded a full album. From RPM I hoped to get a rough collection of tracks with a few good ideas I could re-use on the EP; instead, I got an album that, while unpolished, felt complete, and I didn’t like the idea of cannibalising it for another project.

I could’ve recorded more new work later in the year, but nothing really came to me; perhaps it’s a cliché, but I didn’t feel like I had much to say. I did have a great time working on a couple of game projects, though — working to a brief on Candy Grapple turned out to be a lot of fun, and I’m hoping I get more opportunities like that in the future.

While I didn’t record much this year, I think I spent more time at the keyboard than I have since high school. I haven’t been happy with my playing, so I grabbed some books and went back to basics, re-learning how to sight read and working on my technique. I still feel like a beginner when I sit down to play something for the first time, but I feel a little less that way each time I do.

This year? I have another game project to work on — the game itself is pretty far along already, so I’m pretty confident that this one will see the light of day, so that’s the focus for now, along with piano practice. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess!

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