music video: periapsis

Here’s a little something I put together: a video of a trip to the Mün in Kerbal Space Program, edited in to a music video for the first track from my RPM 2012 album, periapsis:

I had to cut about two-thirds of the video to fit it to the track, but you get to see all the major events in a flight to the Mün:

  • takeoff
  • booster stage separation
  • Kerbin orbit insertion
  • transmünar injection (that’s the burn that sends you to the Mün)
  • Mün orbit insertion
  • orbital adjustment for landing altitude
  • orbital braking burn
  • core stage separation
  • final descent and landing

The rocket design is the smallest and simplest I’ve come up with so far that can get to the Mün and back again; you don’t see it on the video, but I did get those Kerbal astronauts back home safely.

I captured the video using ffmpeg, with KSP running under Wine on my Linux desktop, and then used Kdenlive to edit it. Kdenlive worked well for the edit (no crashes!), though I suspect there was something funny happening with the audio/video sync — I’d place an edit right on a beat, and then find upon repeat listens that it sometimes didn’t quite match up, but it was such a close-run thing that it may have all been in my head.

2 thoughts on “music video: periapsis

  1. Any chance you could do up a quick blurb on how you got KSP to run under Linux? Mine is misbehaving badly and there doesn’t seem to be much of a community for hacking it.

  2. What kind of trouble are you seeing? I did have problems with 0.14.2 failing on the startup loading screen with an error message, it didn’t fail every time — if I kept trying to launch it, it’d eventually succeed. Those seem to have disappeared now, but I’m not sure why; I did upgrade my copy of Wine to 1.4, but I also used the KSP Patcher to upgrade to 0.14.3, and since doing both of those things that problem seems to have disappeared.

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