rpm 2012 update: day 19

Just a brief update this time — my rate of progress has slowed a bit this week, so I’ve just finished one extra track. The new track is pure chiptuney goodness; I used TAL-NoiseMaker and Calf Monosynth to make suitably retro synth sounds, and some genuine vintage sampled drums. Melodies are something I tend to struggle a bit with, so writing chiptunes, where you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) play more than two or three notes at once, is great practice.

I’ve also spent some time on cover art this week. With 10 days to go and 5 tracks left to finish, it’s going to be a rush to get things done, but I’m still confident that I’ll finish, and when I do, I want the finished product to look great, too. To submit the album to RPM I’ll have to burn it to CD and post it in, and if I’m going to burn it to CD, I want to do it properly, with proper jewel case cover art and some brief liner notes. The cover work is all done, so now I just need to finish the music!

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