the (musical) year ahead

Looking back on 2011, I can’t help but feel a little slack — in 2010 I released four new original tracks, but 2011 saw just two — but I think I’d be doing myself a disservice to judge my productivity based solely on numbers. Both of those tracks, move along and Texel, took a lot of work, and I’m very proud of how they both turned out. I also spent a lot of time working with pre-release and often quite buggy software, filing bugs as I ran in to problems, and while that slowed me down I’m glad I was able to do it.

So far this year, I definitely have been slack; I spent half of December in the US on a working holiday, and combined with the usual holiday season shenanigans on my return, I’ve been spending more of my downtime gaming (Jamestown and Gratuitous Space Battles have been particular favourites) rather than making music (or blogging, for that matter!). Now that things are calmer, I’m looking forward to getting some music happening.

The plan is still to work on some more tracks in the same lo-fi downtempo vein as Texel and push out an EP of tracks that’ll hopefully sound like they belong together. Realistically, that might take all year, but if the tools continue to improve at their current rate, there’s a good chance I’ll be done sooner. Either way, I plan to stick with it!

4 thoughts on “the (musical) year ahead

  1. Dude to my opinion Texel is the track of the year 2011. I already told you it is an awesome track. I have been listening to it randomly on my mp3 player for some time now and it is always a great pleasure to hear it again. So I don’t mind if you take your time. I mean you can do only one track in 2012 and if it is as good as Texel then… wow ! That guy did it again !
    Seriously dude Move Along is a great track but Texel is much more, it has more “soul”. More lo-fi downtempo tracks? Hell yeah you are good at it !

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