album release: sketchbook: vol 1

It was about two years ago that I released my first new track in ages, and since then I’ve surprised myself a bit by sticking with it, producing new tracks every few months. There’s enough there for an album now, so I’ve decided to bundle my tracks together and set them up as an album on Bandcamp:

It’s a free download, and you can grab it in whatever format you like, all tagged up and ready to go! Even though it’s a bit of an odd mix of tracks, it feels great to have an album’s worth of tracks to my name. With any luck, my next album’s worth will be a little more thematically consistent.

2 thoughts on “album release: sketchbook: vol 1

  1. i really enjoyed the album, my favourite is tiny droplets…
    but all the songs are good, nice atmosphere. for sure it will be in my daily music 🙂

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