new track: move along

This track has been a long time coming, but it’s finally done! It’s my first original track with lyrics; it’s about leaving my job after so many years there, though I wouldn’t read too much in to the words. It’s certainly a departure from my usual electronic stuff — this has just piano, bass, drums, and vocals — so I’m keen to hear what people think of it.

You can download or stream it below, or at Bandcamp. Some production notes are under the cut.

mp3 | ogg | flac | 3 minutes 47 seconds

It may not be electronic in sound, but it’s still electronic in production; the piano (Pianoteq), drums (LinuxSampler, with the Analogue Drums RockStock kit), and bass (a Soundfont I found online) were sequenced in Qtractor and then recorded in to Ardour 3, alongside the vocals. Mixing in Ardour used a lot of Calf plugins (the Compressor, Filter, and the new multi-band EQ), along with IR for reverb, using a nice Bricasti M7 IR file, and a Rakarrack insert on the bass part to apply an Ampeg SVT 810 cabinet impulse from Red Wire.

I also dabbled with the Zita-AT1 auto-tuner. I don’t have a problem with pitch correction in general, but I don’t tend to like the overly-perfect results that people often get from it, so I was very careful to avoid that. I disabled its automatic pitch detection and instead controlled its corrector with a MIDI track, drawing in corrective notes just where I thought they were absolutely needed. I don’t think it sounds auto-tuned at all as a result — it just sounds a little better than it did without the correction.

The biggest challenge (apart from the lyrics!) was to create instrument parts that sound as real as I could manage, and then get them sitting together in a natural-sounding mix. I think I’ve done a decent enough job — the piano is fine, and while the drums and bass aren’t as natural as they could be, I think the illusion as a whole works well enough.

3 thoughts on “new track: move along

  1. Nice work mate!

    The track builds nicely throughout to the climax of the “oohs” and “aahs”. I’m sure you’ve learned plenty from the experience of putting it all together… as they say, music is it’s own reward. Well done.

  2. Very well done, I know how much work goes into something like this and its come out really good! Also very nice on the autoTune, thats how it *should* be used, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said, and I was quite impressed by the vocals! My only criticism would be that I love love love near the end when you build up and fill everything out with the background vocals or strings or whatever it is – more of that earlier on too not just at the end 🙂

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