sketchbook: tunestorm 04

There was another Tunestorm challenge earlier this month, and in the finest tradition of such things, I threw together an entry at the last minute. The challenge this time was to make a piece using a sample taken from a spinning hard drive, which sounded just like a sine wave that slowly dropped in pitch.

You could use other sounds, too, but I chose not to — I loaded a chunk of the original sound in to a sampler (Specimen), ran it through some distortion effects, then through PHASEX, where I tweaked away on the filter in real-time using my Korg nanoKONTROL, and finally through some spatial effects. The result was some throbbing, unsettling ambient art-wankery that I call “pulse”.

mp3 | vorbis | flac | 2:50

2 thoughts on “sketchbook: tunestorm 04

  1. Great track from that one sample, really shows of the power of all the software you’ve used (especially when you go listen to the original sample). I must keep my eye out for when tunestorm 05 starts, sounds like a lot of fun and would give some well needed motivation to get back into this stuff.

  2. Cheers 🙂 It was definitely a lot of fun having hands-on control over PHASEX’s filter using my little MIDI controller. Most of the Tunestorm tracks are done using open-source apps, but we’re certainly happy to have submissions made using other tools — the challenge organiser uses Ableton Live himself. I can definitely give you a heads-up when the next one starts if you like.

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