One thing I did get up to on the holidays was appearing at random on local community radio! I’ve been on my fair share of podcasts, but there’s definitely something more real about going in to a studio and going out live over the airwaves, even if you know there’s probably not that many people listening.

The even was SYN FM’s Geekageddon, a celebration of all things geeky, with 30 geek guests across 30 hours. A friend of ours that’s staying with us got asked to fill an early-morning spot on the first day, and when she did, there were still slots open toward the end; I ended up with midnight, the 25th hour of the show, which I filled with talk of music production under Linux. For someone who’d been on the air for 25 straight hours and who knew nothing of the topic, I think he did a great job, and I got to play some of my tracks for the audience, which was great fun.

Hopefully the entire show will be up in MP3 format at some point; once it is, I’ll be sure to link it up!

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