back from the break

It’s a new year! I’m back at work this week, after too short a break, but I decided to keep my leave days up my sleeve for later on in the year rather than use them now. It’s always problematic heading off at the same time as other people, anyway, so I’d rather wait until I can take time off while others are around to cover me as much as possible.

It wasn’t a long break, but it was good, even though I didn’t feel great for much of it. I was hoping to get the track that I’m working on finished by the end of 2010, and that didn’t happen, but I had time to relax between hanging out with friends and catching up with the family. I also got some great Xmas loot — as well as a bunch of fun stuff, including Thinkgeek’s synth T-shirt (with actual working synth keyboard), a super-cute Android plushie, and some totally awesome GLaDOS core module plushies (which talk!), I got the very practical and awesome Korg nanoKONTROL MIDI controller, which I’m sure I’ll talk about more in the future.

Last year’s New Year’s resolution of sorts was to write at least one proper song with lyrics, and while I didn’t quite get there, that is what I’m working on at the moment, so it’ll definitely be done by the end of this year! I did release four tracks and one cover, though, so I think I did okay. I still don’t have lyrics finalised for the new track, but the backing track arrangement is mostly done now, so once I have the lyrics it should all come together pretty quickly.

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