welcome back, bandcamp!

It seems I may have jumped the gun a little with that last post about Bandcamp’s policy change on free downloads; as is often the case with the Bandcamp team, they’ve taken user feedback on board and come up with a compromise that’ll make just about everyone happy. Now, any accounts that have less than 200 free downloads left will be topped up to 200 once a month, so free music guys (like me) can keep using Bandcamp for nothing, as long as they’re not too popular (also like me).

Given Bandcamp’s generous definition of “a download” — streaming playback within the browser is still unlimited and free, and album downloads count as just a single download — 200 a month will cover a fair bit of activity. I’ve yet to reach 200 downloads in total so far, so 200 a month will probably always be enough for me.

Once again, Bandcamp proves that it’s a class act. Rock on!

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