new track: phase transition

It’s been about six weeks since I posted my little SooperLooper jam, and here it is in its final form, or at least what became of it. This was a difficult one to pull together — I initially just polished my sketch version of it, but that didn’t give me the results I was after, so I ended up ditching that effort and re-arranging it from scratch, finally getting an inspiration for the central progression and ending last week. Once I had that idea, it didn’t take long on the weekend to flesh it out.

This is another Seq24/Hydrogen/Ardour recording, with Blofeld synths, though I also created my own drum sounds (mostly on the Blofeld again) for this one. I also used PHASEX as the synth for the lead arpeggio — it’s a simple patch, but I really liked how it sounded, so it stayed in the final version.

EDIT: Turns out that the download links were broken! I’ve fixed them now, so if you had trouble downloading, please try again now.

mp3 | ogg | flac | 5 minutes 4 seconds

5 thoughts on “new track: phase transition

  1. Great track and I appreciate your general philosophy – I should, as it coincides with mine 😉 So, grateful thanks for providing a download facility.

    How about uploading your music to First couple of hours upload is free, there is not a go00gle ad in sight and the website is well programmed and doesn’t seem to get ‘in-yer-face’ at all. Loads of great unknowns on there but I haven’t come across another muso advocating Linux audio yet. Pity, as despite not being a programmer, I’ve never had so much fun with computer music in my life since I ditched windows in favour of UbuntuStudio.

    Once again, thanks for massaging my ears 😉

  2. Thanks 🙂 I do actually have a SoundCloud account, but I’m still evaluating it I guess, just seeing what it can do for me. Here’s the link:

    I also haven’t seen much of a Linux community on there yet, but we do have an Open Source Musicians group on there.

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