lunch adventures: maharajah’s choice vegetable korma

I’ve been home alone for lunch a few days this week, and in combination with a chance encounter with some supermarket bargains, I’ve revived my random food adventures! This time, the hilarious shelf-stable ready-meal of choice is Maharajah’s Choice Vegetable Korma, with Basmati Cumin Rice. With its promises of Authentic Indian Cuisine, how could I lose?

Once you get past the cardboard on the outside, the contents are straightforward: one pouch of vegetable korma, and one pouch of cumin rice, with none of the extraneous plastic cutlery or serving bowls that are just an annoyance in any decent office. The cooking instructions are similarly straightforward: tear the tops of the pouches slightly, stand them up in the microwave, and cook for three minutes.

Once it’s hot, just dump it in to a bowl to serve. The pack optimistically states that it feeds two, but realistically, it’s a big single serve — big enough that I didn’t serve it all up at first. I did end up polishing off the remainder, though!

The result? Not bad! The curry was very mild, but fairly tasty, with a nice coconut flavour. Surprisingly, the rice was more disappointing — it was harder than I’m used to, as if it wasn’t fully cooked, though that may be personal preference as much as anything. If you’re in the mood for Indian, you could do far worse for the $2.75 I paid for this.

Verdict: Recommended, but only if they’re on special

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