sketchbook: enjoy the silence

Here’s one for the Depeche Mode fans — a cover of Enjoy the Silence, which is fairly faithful to the original. Since buying my fancy-pants mic last year I hadn’t actually sung anything (even though I have done a crapload of podcast recording), so this is me correcting that, and also having some fun with synths and sequencing. I did a lot of this on the laptop, so there are more Linux soft synths in there, but I still pulled out the Blofeld for the bass and the “beeeeow” sound in the chorus. Let me know what you think of the results!

mp3 | vorbis | 4:10

4 thoughts on “sketchbook: enjoy the silence

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  2. Hi, really liked a lot the drums and the synths.
    Have you used yoshimi/zynAddSubFx for chorus and “beeeow” right?

    I enjoyed moving around your blog.
    Really useful site.

    thank you

  3. Hi 🙂 I didn’t try ZynAddSubFX or Yoshimi at all — I still haven’t had a good look at either of them, since they seem quite difficult to program to me. It’s definitely something I should do, though, since they definitely make some great sounds.

    On the track, I used my Waldorf Blofeld hardware synth for the ‘beeeow’ sound, and two different chorus sounds: one (which plays throughout the track) is one of the patches from the Fluid GM soundfont, played through the FluidSynth DSSI plugin, and the other (which comes in toward the end) is a Whysynth patch.

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