sketchbook: stylophone!

I had a surprise knock on the door just before I left for work this morning — the delivery of a mystery package. The excitement only grew when I ripped open the satchel to reveal a surprise Xmas present: my very own Stylophone! They went back in to production a few years ago, but apart from a few minor additions it’s virtually identical to the classic units of the 60s: it works identically to the old models, and it definitely sounds just as cheesy-good.

In honour of my new toy, here’s a brief bit of Stylophone-infused doof-doof. I couldn’t help but put a filter sweep on the bass line, but apart from that, and copious echoes, the Stylophone sound is untouched. Enjoy! Let me know if you can’t play it, too — I’ve changed the streaming setup a little for this one.

mp3 | vorbis | 52 seconds

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