crisis aversion

I run a RAID array in my home theatre PC to store all of the media I’ve managed to accumulate over the years, and running it as a RAID array has come in handy once again, since I lost a hard drive over the weekend. It was one of the two 500GB drives I’d carried over from my old array, so instead of picking up a new 500GB drive to replace it, I replaced them both with a (sub-$100) 1TB drive.

Compared to the last time I had a drive fail, this replacement was a snap; I just shut down, removed the 500GB drives, added the new drive, and booted up. Once the system was running, it took just another minute or two to partition the new drive and add it in to the array. Total downtime: no more than 10 minutes. I do love it when things work as advertised 🙂

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