random updates

Just a few more random updates:

  • It’s good to see myself in print again — there’s a feature in the PC Authority that hit the stands today that lists 99 great free apps, and I contributed the Linux portion of it. I checked it out today and I think it came up pretty well!
  • Microsoft finally received my 360 today, after nearly a good few days in the post. I sent it on Friday, and i didn’t think it’d take so long to get a console to Sydney, but either way, they have it now, so I should have it back within a couple of weeks of today. In the meantime, I scored a loaner 360 from a friend, which is awesome.
  • I signed up with iiNet for our home ADSL yesterday, so of course Internode launched new plans today. Luckily, there’s nothing there that would entice me back — iiNet will still be a better deal, even before the DSLAM comes online here. I decided to jump to iiNet now rather than waiting for the DSLAM just to avoid any downtime; doing it now means a churn and just an hour or two of downtime, rather than a disconnection and reconnection and the days of downtime that’d cause.

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