bye bye 360

I thought I had a good chance of not running in to any trouble with my 360 — after all, my model was a second-revision system, produced after MS admitted the system’s issues, and for two years it had soldiered on without a problem. That came to an end last night, though, when after a week or so of random crashes it finally become unusable, displaying the classic Red Ring of Death.

Thankfully, sorting it out hasn’t been much of a drama yet. Requesting a repair (it’s still under warranty, thanks to the three-year warranty for red-ring issues) was an entirely automated process on the Xbox website, and that gave me a printable prepaid packing label. I packed it in an old box at the office today and dropped it down at the post office, and all reports suggest that I should have it back within two weeks. At least it’ll be back before Forza 3 hits!

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