sketchbook: step-sequenced mindless techno crazyness

I was browsing Youtube the other day, and got sick of all the guys with Evolvers having all the fun with their step-sequencers and such, so I thought I’d give something similar a go on my Blofeld. I set up a basic repeating sequence of notes on the PC, set up a basic patch on the Blofeld, and then tweaked away, bringing in different elements and playing with various parameters.

The interesting thing is that this is all one voice, and just one note at a time. The lead sound uses the first two oscillators, and the lower bass sound uses the third, and the noise source powers the drums. Because the Blofeld has two filters per voice, I was able to run the noise through its own filter and adjust it separately, producing bass, hi-hat, and weird spacey sounds.

20090729: 4 minutes 47 seconds

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