pc crisis averted, for now

Yet another post about my PC situation, this time with some good news. I found 2GB of spare DDR RAM, which thankfully seems to work just fine, and with that installed my old TV box has been transformed in to a perfectly workable desktop box. More importantly, it’s also a perfectly workable studio box. It’s an Athlon 64 3200+, so it’s single core isn’t too far behind one of the two cores in my old Core 2 Duo desktop box.

JACK is running very nicely at the same latency settings I had on the Core 2 Duo, and I had no trouble running the Blofeld through a pile of effects in JACK Rack, or firing up Ardour and running a song with a bunch of tracks, and a bigger bunch of effects plugins. The CPU usage is obviously higher than it was before, but I still have plenty of headroom for more tracks and effects.

I still want to upgrade, obviously, but I’m happy enough with my stop-gap solution that I can hold off for now. Intel has new mainstream chips coming in September, and even if I don’t early-adopt one of those, I’ll likely get a better deal on a Phenom II or Core 2 Quad solution then.

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  1. There are quite a few laptop manufacturers that also recognize the need for higher RAM which is why there are some which offer upgrade worthy versions where you can increase the RAM to about 2 GB also. This is not only possible but also becoming increasingly common in the world of mini laptops.

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