woo, distortion

Now that I’ve got one track out the door, it’s time to move on to the next, and the plan for that is to get as far away from the clean and somewhat cheesy sound of “atlantis”. I certainly don’t have anything concrete yet, but I’ve experimented with running various drum sounds from Hydrogen in to a range of distortion effects, including overdriven tube amp/preamp simulations, my old sample-rate-reducing favourite, the Decimator, and the rather awesomely named Barry’s Satan Maximiser, which is some sort of crazy compressor.

Hydrogen can be configured to send each drum to a separate JACK output, rather than just using a single master output, so I’ve routed the various drums in to three separate Ardour tracks: one for the kick, one for snares/toms, and one for hats/cymbals. This setup lets me control the types and amounts of effects on those groups of drums separately and listen to the results in realtime, so I can just put Hydrogen on repeat and tweak away until I’m happy.

For other parts, the Blofeld should be perfect, as one of my old sketches will attest. It can create some crazy sounds from scratch (using FM with the noise source or a wavetable oscillator is always good), or distort even the simplest sounds to hell and back with the drive curves on the filters.

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