new track update: it’s really finished this time, honest

My new track is officially done! I’ve named it atlantis, after the Shuttle that’s currently on its way back from the final Hubble servicing mission. I’ve polished it quite a bit over the last week, and I’m now pretty happy with the results.

atlantis: 3 minutes 54 seconds

3 thoughts on “new track update: it’s really finished this time, honest

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  2. Not bad for a first attempt. I definitely think it needs more polish, sounds very rough around the edges. Also, perhaps add some effects to the synth, it sounds too plain to be taken seriously. Just my $0.02 (^_^)

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree with all of that — the synths do sound a bit cheesy and plain to my ears now, and while I spent a lot of time tweaking EQ and compression, I was doing it fairly blindly, and I think I probably did more harm than good 🙂

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