musical sketchbook 11

I’ve been thinking a bit about old-school game music lately, so I tried my hand at some chip music for today’s sketch. The sounds are all very simple — a square wave arpeggio and a sawtooth lead, both with minimal filtering, and some filtered white noise for a drum — hacked up with the Blofeld’s “sample-and-hold” effect to reduce the sample rate and give them a rough, retro edge.

It was an interesting exercise, but I’m not sure I’ll go any further down this track for a while. Growing up with Amigas, old-school game music for me is all about sampling, with complex sounds recorded and played back at low bitrates, rather than basic sound waves. I might be able to get that “crunchy” lo-fi sampled sound with the sample-and-hold effect on the Blofeld, run against proper synth sounds, but I think I’d need to sample and process the results to get the sound I’m after.

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