lulin success!

I didn’t believe the BOM on Wednesday when it said that the miserable morning we were having was going to give way to a clear night, but they were spot on, and after getting back from NIN around midnight it was the perfect time to track down Comet Lulin. It’s moving across the sky pretty quickly at the moment (a good few degrees per day), but I knew it’d still be fairly close to Saturn, so I found that in my binoculars and then just started panning around from there.

It took a little while, but eventually, I found Lulin in my binoculars. It wasn’t exactly a spectacular sight — little more than a faint, roundish smudge, really — but after studying it for a little while I thought I could just make out the bright central spot of the comet’s nucleus. After checking the star charts for any fixed objects in that location (just as Charles Messier would have nearly 250 years ago) and finding nothing, I’m sure that what I saw was indeed Comet Lulin.

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