chasing comet lulin

I was hoping to get a glimpse of Comet Lulin last night, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t co-operate. Lulin was closest to Earth on the 24th, but for at least the next week or so it should be quite bright, as comets go — visible to the naked eye, if only just, in a clear, dark sky, and relatively easy to spot in binoculars from suburbia. At about 9:30, things were looking good last night, with just a few clouds visible, so I thought I’d get the telescope out to try to track down M1. By the time I was set up and had found where to look, though, more clouds had rolled in, and I had to give up the hunt. By midnight, which was when Lulin should have been coming in to the field of view from my front yard, the sky was just a blanket of clouds.

Ah well, such is this hobby of mine! It looks like we’re heading in to a stormy weekend, so I’m hoping that either tonight (though it’s not looking good so far) or tomorrow night will deliver the goods.

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