iphone shenanigans

If you wondered why I was getting all high-and-mighty about the iPhone, and Apple’s overarching control over software on it thanks to the App Store system in particular, then this story really explains it. This guy developed an application that lets you stream podcasts straight to your iPhone, instead of having to download them via iTunes and sync them across beforehand, but Apple has refused to allow it on the App Store.

The stated reason is that it “duplicates the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes”, but beyond the fact that both are ways you could play podcasts on an iPhone, there’s no similarity at all. It’s much more likely that Apple objected to the idea of getting audio content on the iPhone without having to go through iTunes, and preferably through the podcast directory on the iTunes Store.

Anyone want to take bets as to whether we’ll ever see an Amazon MP3 Store app for the iPhone?

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