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I finished Braid last night and man, what an ending. The whole game has this bizarre, surreal charm, but it’s really intensified in the finale, and it’s only in the epilogue that you get the first clues as to the story’s true meaning. It feels like I’ve just lived through a David Lynch film, and I’ve been going over the whole thing in my mind repeatedly since I finished it, slowly making sense of all the pieces with the help of some observations made online by other players. Short of Jonathan Blow coming out and saying exactly what the game is about I guess we’ll never know for sure, but I doubt that’ll happen, and with good reason — people are going to be discussing the meaning of this game for a very long time.

Again, an awesome game — if there’s any way you can be playing this right now, make it happen! There’s no word yet as to how far away the PC port is, but I’m sure I’ll mention it when it arrives.

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