the new console war

The whole 360/PS3/Wii battle is so last year; right now, the real console war is between Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Thanks to Activision’s fear of making Guitar Hero games compatible with Rock Band instruments, the release of Guitar Hero World Tour is going to mean a lot more crappy plastic instruments in loungerooms, and I’m sure more than a few people will have trouble justifying two sets of drums in particular.

I’ve bet on Rock Band, of course, but if you want an explanation, this review of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith pretty much covers it. Guitar Hero 3 was clearly inferior to 2: the note charts are often either not fun or are just plain ridiculous, and to make up for that, they made the timing far too loose. The final track, Metallica’s One, is such an incredibly bad song for the game that I still, after some 8 months, haven’t mustered the energy to actually finish it and hence get to the end of the Hard career.

I was hoping that Neversoft would get the hang of things after their first game, but it sounds like Aerosmith is just as bad, if not worse. Guitar Hero has lost its soul, but what did Activision expect would happen when it handed the franchise to a developer that’s been producing the same tired and stale skateboarding game every year for the last decade? Then again, even Activision’s CEO has said that Guitar Hero will be “exploited on an annual or close to annual basis”, so perhaps it’s all going exactly to plan.

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