new host!

The virtual dedicated server I host my sites (including this one) on, hosted at VPSLand, has had a few annoying packet loss issues of late, and while everything seems to be working now, I used it as a flimsy excuse to upgrade to a shiny new Linode VPS. Linode’s pricing starts a little higher up than most, but the cheapest option, at US$20, has a pretty generous 360MB of RAM and 12GB of storage.

The management tools are pretty awesome as well: though a neat web interface, you can reboot your system, manage your disk images (you can split your allocated storage in to as many separate images as you like), reinstall the OS or switch to a new OS, check graphs of your server and network utilisation, and even access the local console through a neat-o AJAX-based terminal emulator. There’s also an SSH-based system that gives you command-line access to a lot of those features, so you can reboot your box or check the local console without having to go through the web interface. All up, it’s a very cool service.

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