Walkman A818 copy/convert scripts

I spent a little time last night and this morning playing with the new Walkman and came up with a nice Python script for copying tracks to it — you can grab it here. It does a few things:

  • sanitises the tags using “mid3v2” tool from mutagen
  • looks for “cover.jpg”, “Folder.jpg”, “folder.jpg”, or “.folder.jpg” files in the same folder as the MP3 files, and adds them as cover art if found
  • looks for disc number tags and adds some “Disc n” text on the end of the album field if found, to work around the lack of disc tag support
  • writes the file in to the appropriate artist/album folder on the Walkman, saving the tag as ID3 v2.3

Apart from python-mutagen, it needs python-eyed3 (used for all the tag manipulation, since mutagen is really geared toward writing v2.4 only) and ImageMagick’s “convert” tool (for shrinking album art before embedding it). It might come in handy for users of other mass-storage MP3 players, either as-is or with minor modifications.

I’ve also got a little bash script here for converting videos to H.264/AAC MPEG-4 format for the Walkman. It uses ffmpeg (with FAAC and x264 for encoding) to do the conversion, and to create a JPEG thumbnail file.

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